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Artist’s Statement

Performance poetry is my passion. “poetry that glitters” is my motto. I have roots in American Poetry Slam, and I studied Creative Writing with Language Poets in Detroit, picking up the musicality and elements of rap; these are the underlying influences of my poems and song lyrics. Communicating a strong femininity, playing with words, and inviting you to reflect are some of the main characteristics of my work. I love the stage. My delivery on it has a somatic quality and presence. Hope to touch you through an interdisciplinary approach, with music, and a pinch of glitter!

(c) Franziska Ruprecht Mai 2015
Performing for the city of Munich, May 2015

In writing, performing, and my whole life it is my duty to create something beautiful – without wearing a mask.

Music on SoundCloud

Just click on the headline to escape into beautiful poetic sounds that can make you sway, dance, and think.


With your head as a stage, my poems remain “poetry that glitters” when read. Allow my collection of poems in German, “Meer-Maid”, to take you into the realms of loveable men, impressive women, and places that make us more experienced.

To whom shall I sign it?

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Read a rhyme a day that explains a rare German word. English translation included. My twitter name “@wrtsucht” is derived from: Wortsucht* which means * addiction to words.

Workshops & Coaching

Along with performing, I love teaching. Thus, I teach workshops and seminars. They are beneficial for your voice, presence, and will give you more self-awareness. Maybe you need to hold a class-room presentation, host a radio show, or recite a poem on a birthday party – whatever your public appearance might be, I will help prepare you for it. You will be given new inspiration for creative writing, or the push to start with it for the first time. Also, you can learn everything about performance poetry that you always wanted to know. Make this plunge into performance poetry a gift for yourself, or someone special!
Additionally, I offer private sessions in person or via Skype. I look forward to being your teacher and mentor!


My music video clip, clips from live performances, interviews as a host, and more.
And here comes my poetry demo. It starts with a cover of “My time at Chrysler” by Blair. Then follows my own poetry – sometimes in collaboration with other artists.


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