Performance Poet

I am a full-time artist. I write poems and perform them on stage in Europe, the US, and Indonesia. This really started when I was a Creative Writing student in Detroit. My poems are written in English, German, and I perform them with or without music; the slogan “poetry that glitters” describes the style of my performance poetry best. It is important to me to protect the emotional element and to create something beautiful.

My workshops are being booked by high schools, TalentCampus (awesome project for diverse youth), and more. Teenagers and grown-ups enjoy my personal coachings during which we focus on requested areas such as voice-coaching, text editing, and performing. I conduct my lessons in English or German. At Munich university (LMU), I taught Creative Writing, and topics related to my work as a performance poet during the past three years and also right after finishing my studies.
Besides recent teaching certificates, I hold a Master of Arts with an Emphasis in Creative Writing from Wayne State University, Detroit, USA. In fall 2018, I took part in a creative writing workshop with Anne Waldman.

Since December 2018, you can order my collection of poems, “BODY TAG”: 188 pages of poems in English.
In 2016, the second edition of my collection of German poems “Meer-Maid” was printed by Wolfbach Verlag, Zürich (Switzerland). It is 140 pages long. The first edition came out in 2015.
Since 2002, single poems of mine were published in German, American, and British anthologies and magazines.

While studying in Detroit, I was asked to host an event at a conference – I think this is the earliest event I presented. In 2012, I was the host, initiator and manager of my own event series “Dichtwerkvariété” in Rationaltheater Munich, Schwabing. Since then I present cultural events.
My hosting skills are based on various experiences: working closely with renowned hosts at a TV station; my diploma in TV-journalism from Bavarian Academy for Television (BAF); trainings in hosting and voice coaching with trainers from the BBC, German public television (ARD, ZDF, BR), and at a Munich acting school (ISSA). Maybe you notice that I also took singing lessons for several years and used to be the singer of a few bands.

My former job as a TV journalist, and credits plus professional experience in media law simplify my freelancing as an artist. I used to create reports for regional TV with a crew or as a video journalist. In 2010, I won the Caritas film prize. Additionally, I worked as an editor in localization (USA-Germany) for sky Germany; my current clients in the field of translation, such as Language Poet Barrett Watten, tend to work in literature.

In August 2017, I was happy for my poem about Munich, “Sprechgesang auf München” because it won a prize at “Kunst im Viehhof” (supported by the city of Munich and a TV youth program).
In April 2015, I competed successfully for the 22.Haidhauser Werkstattpreis – a renowned yearly literary competition. Poems from my book, “Meer-Maid”, helped me win it.
When I used to be active in the German poetry slam scene, I ran second with my team at the German International Poetry Slam.
Based on academic and poetic achievements, my studies in Detroit were made possible by scholarships.

All in all I lived for three years in the US. My English is fluent. I also have a good command of the French language.

In January 2018, I was accepted as a member of GEDOK Munich (literary branch). I am a member of the artists’ union Paul-Klinger-Künstlersozialwerk. My songs are listed with GEMA.

In case you are still curious for more details, feel free to contact me for my CV. You can find my “Artist’s Statement” on the front page.