Poetry that glitters

About me

Writing is my passion. I create poetry in English and German. My poems and poetry song lyrics communicate a particular playfulness with words and a strong femininity. On stage, I deliver with a somatic quality and presence. I like to throw a pinch of glitter on my interdisciplinary approach: as I perform independently of particular scenes, my slogan “poetry that glitters” has become my trademark since 2012.

This becomes apparent in the laudatory speech for GEDOK Literaturförderpreis 2020 with which I was awarded. As a thank you, I improvised a medley from home, since the event (orignially planned in Hamburg, Germany) was cancelled during the pandemic in 2020.

In writing, performing, and my whole life it is my duty to create something beautiful and to protect the emotional element.
This said, I became a mother in 2020, and especially as a single mom my priorities have shifted.
Continuing my artist work, I am available as a workshop teacher in 2024 as well. Additionaly, I am focused on new creative writing endeavors.

© Franziska Ruprecht 2018 live in Prag pic by Ken Nash
Franziska Ruprecht, Performance in Prague, May 2018

Published works in brief: my German collection of poems “Meer-Maid”, which was published by Wolfbach Verlag in 2015 & 2016, my book of English poems, “BODY TAG”, and poetry songs that I put out online for you to enjoy!

For two years, I studied Creative Writing in Detroit and could first really express myself in the performances there, as well as in the American poetry slam scene. In the Motor City, I also picked up the musicality and elements of rap. So it makes sense that in 2020, the anthology “RESPECT – THE POETRY OF DETROIT MUSIC” appeared with my poem closing the book. Eminem is among the famous contributors to this collection of great song lyrics and poetry.